Supports for service connections (6 x 35)

SUPPORTS FOR SERVICE CONNECTIONS AND CABLES TP-2. “with 6 x 35 screw” (TP-2 plug included)

taco tp2

TP-2 plug

soporte acometida

Reference Ø m/m Max Clamp
Width x Length (mm)
Screw m/m Ø x L Qty/Box
SPA-10 16 10 x 80 6 x 35 500
SPA-20 22 10 x 100 6 x 35 500
SPA-30 25 10 x 120 6 x 35 500
SPA-50 35 10 x 140 6 x 35 500
SPA-200 50 10 x 200 6 x 35 500
SPA-250 65 10 x 250 6 x 35 500

These supports incorporate a screw and are primarily designed for installing service connection cables to outside walls.

Clamp width is 10 mm.

Its buckle fastening design allows for easy installation.


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